DE in association with IOS Press ( based in Amsterdam and Washington invites you to Indian Journals promotion & distribution program.

This brings an opportunity to get your Journal Distributed outside Indian sub-continent leading to achieve increased acceptance of the journal internationally.

IOS Press, founded in 1987 and since 1990 is in close cooperation with DE Group. IOS Press has been specializing in publications of highest scientific standards in the life sciences and information technology. The Editorial Boards of IOS Press journals reflect leadership in the particular areas covered by the journal, distributed among main research centers in all parts of the world.

DE Group has more than four decades of experience in subscriptions and Promotion of journals.
Salient features of the Proposal are as under:
  • Distribution of journal outside Indian sub-continent.
  • Journal edited and printed in India to remain so under distribution OR Option for co-publishing arrangements.
  • Full promotional support which is currently rendered to IOS Press journals.
  • No financial commitments from the side of the Society.
  • Opportunity to share the income from the increased marketing effort between the Society and DE/IOS Press in an equitable fashion
  • Subscription control and Monitoring
Most IOS press journals in the life sciences are covered by MEDLINE and are full text searchable through its article database. It is proposed that Indian Society journal are joining this database system and receiving the full promotional support which is currently rendered to IOS Press journals.

Therefore we look forward to know your willingness in exploring a cooperation of the proposed kind. We will be happy to establish contact and discuss the proposal in length.
List of Publications covered by the program:
  1. Annals of Plant Protection Sciences

  2. Indian Journal of Horticulture

  3. Indian Journal of Nematology

  4. International Journal of Regulation and Governance

  5. Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences & Cryptography

  6. Journal of Dynamical Systems Geometric Theories

  7. Journal of Ecophysiology & Occupational Health

  8. Journal of Entomological Research

  9. Journal of Immunology and Immunopathology

  10. Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences

  11. Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics

  12. Journal of Statistic and Management Systems

  13. Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Science

  14. Resources, Energy, and Development

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