Diva Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (DE) incorporated in 2004 with a specific motive to assist/promote Indian Research and promote Indian. Journals Internationally. DIVA ENTERPRISES Pvt. Ltd. provides the following services, which are meant for all scientific, technical, medical institutes, organizations, corporate, researchers, professionals, medical practitioners, doctors, students and scholars.


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For 40 years, GPPL has been offering specialised expertise to its customers.

Being a subscription agency is not merely co-ordinating between the subscribers and the publishers. It means understanding the specific information needs of organisations, maintaining and updating a continuous information flow, reaching out to new information sources, keeping immaculate records and accounts


Services International is a professional exhibition and conference organization in India.


We have a well equipped sorted team to look after the operations as well as management of exhibitions and conferences.  We take care of venue planning, financial control, documentation, press assistance, staffing, registration, liaison, technical support and social event related services.


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